Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Stricter conditions for applying to the European Court of Human Rights

Reaction to the conclusions of informal housing Ministers Meeting (UIPI)

On Housing Market Prospects - Points for discussion

Stratos Paradias re-elected President of the UIPI

WELCOME to the Cyprus Land and Property Owners Organization (KSIA)!

The property owner often encounters many difficulties and numerous problems. In order to confront these problems, the Cyprus Land and Property Owners Organization (Kypriakos Syndesmos Idioktiton Akiniton  KSIA) has been established since 1964.  Members can be individuals or legal entities,  owners of any kind of property ; owners of a single property (a house or a flat), or of a piece of land, or a building, or a large number of properties. In its long-term course, the organization has succeeded throughout its many struggles on property matters and has attained the required prestige and full recognition from the Government, the House of Representatives and in general all entities that deal with property matters.
Today,  KSIA is associated with the Union International de la Propriete Immobiliere (UIPI) and  with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE) ; the latter, not only provides full administrative support to KSIA, but also has the capability of immediate and effective encounter for any matters/issues that detain property owners in Cyprus.