Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Services to KSIA Members
The provision of essential services to the members is one of the basic activities of the organization; the aim has been to offer continued improvement of the services to the members.
The long-term experience along with the solid knowledge of all matters relating to property ownership prevails predominantly as an advisor and as a guide towards every step to the member’s benefit.

The most significant services provided free of charge to the association’s members are:
• Frequent and full update on all subjects related to property ownership.
• Free press.
• Free legal advice and guidance on matters that relate to the rent control law in Cyprus.
• Tenancy Contracts available to members
• Advice on matters relating to taxes for property ownership
• Advice on Cyprus’s sewage system obligations of the owners of property
• Advice on listed buildings
• Help on town planning matters
• Advice on town planning zones
• Advice on expropriation of property

Other Services in detail
Tenancy Contract:
These are provided to our members to be used in agreements whereby the private individual or legal entity signs with a tenant/s.  The Cyprus Land and  Property Owners Organization advises its members that the use of the Tenancy Contracts is of great importance as they have been created after a prolonged experience and extensive legal research on the subject. The documents are available in both Greek and English.

Information on  ‘Bad Tenants’

KSIA is intending to  comply a list of ‘Bad paying Renters’ advising its members to use information that the association provides in virtue of this matter before the signing of any Tenancy Contract.
PLAN – Information on property ownership matters abroad:
 United Kingdom
 Greece
 Germany
 Spain
 Switzerland
 Rumania
 Austria
 Belgium
 Ireland
 Norway
 Netherlands
 Italy
 Albania
 Sweden
 Slovenia
 Poland

Are you interested to get free and easy information on  property ownership in the these countries?
If so, information is provided free of charge to all our members based on a programme called ‘PLAN’. This programme has been prepared in cooperation with the Union International de la Propriete Immobiliere (UIPI). Legal and other advice relating to buying property, investing, selling, renting, building constructions, common laws etc in any of the above mentioned countries is provided to KSIA members. Should you require further information and direct assistance please contact the Cyprus Landowners Association of Property Owners.
Free pdf newspaper every 3 months:
Every 3 months all members receive electronically an electronic newspaper in Greek called “Τα Νεα του ΚΣΙΑ”.

Free membership to monthly newspaper:
Every month all members receive by mail the newspaper “ TA AKINHTA”. The paper is widely read throughout Cyprus and it is sold everywhere (in kiosks, bookshops and wherever newspapers and magazines are sold) all year round. Our members receive the paper to their doorstep for free. The paper is published in Greek.